I hope this is read. Requires some more perspective.

Ok as always a thought before the actual post begins. It is very difficult to read long features online. I prefer reading the actual magazine. And maybe buying the thing will help in print journalism’s survival (Refer to this to understand what I’m talking about).

Now the actual thing follows.

Well, I just read Caravan’s piece on Samir Jain. And from what I’d read he sounded like Gail Wynand to me (well, in some parts at least).

It is really interesting how a person’s profile can provide an insight into journalism itself. But that’s another point and I don’t think I’m equipped enough to talk about that (too young, my sister says; not well read, I say).

What I has started thinking about was how people crave power. I was interning in a small law firm and even there I could sense power politics. And often I’ve thought about how even an office boy would have his family under his command. He also has the power to dictate the course of at least someone’s life. And of course NALSAR SBC (Student Bar Council) elections are proof enough of how much even the tiniest amount of power matters to some people.

Does everyone crave for this power? I don’t know. But I do know some people who don’t even want power over themselves.

The power over one’s self is willingly traded in some instances- democracy is the biggest example and love, another.

The helpless feeling sometimes we get when we feel that we just cannot do somethings is when we realize how much control we actually have over things. This can easily descend into self-pity and in the process we lose what little control we do have over ourselves.

Therefore, I think it is important that we think about what we want and how much of it we want and how much of it we can actually get. If this is not up to our satisfaction I feel one should act out against it. There will be costs, there always is.

But in the end this is all a trade-off. And this is the power which nobody can take from us- that what all we are willing to trade and for what.

And I guess this defines who we are and what place we have in the world.

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