My first love

I love my city. And I am truly proud to call myself a Delhiite. Yes, in spite of everything that goes on in it.

There is just so much in it. The city is beautiful. The lack of high rise buildings anywhere makes it exhilarating to look up at the sky. And yet, when a few of them appear suddenly, right in the centre of the city, you know that anything is possible 

It is quite disappointing then that more odes to it are not written. It is miserably underrepresented in our popular culture. And the few movies which do have references to it are just not enough.

I don’t watch very diverse cinema. But even in the little that I watch I see so many references to the greatness of, for example, New York City.

People keep telling themselves about how great this thing or that thing is and they eventually start believing it. And that belief actually transforms into something tangible. 

We have to accept that most of the people in India are too engrossed in thinking about arranging for their next meal and the others are just opening up to the pleasures some disposable income brings.

But somewhere between poverty and consumerism we have forgotten to dream big and to believe in ourselves and the fact that there is still hope. Yes, in spite of everything.

Some people are born with it. Others need the right environment and culture. We cannot be just satisfied and keep being thankful of the fact that chalo itna toh mila.


I will never say that it has the right mix to be A kind of city. No. There is no one ideal in anything. The beauty in everything has to be found within it. Delhi, has for me a lot which I like. It has history- a tremendous history. And its eclectic culture mixed with the fact that it never stops growing- in ALL ways makes me dream of a day when each one of its resident will take pride in the city.  Not only for it can be but also for it already is.  I will write more in it when my thoughts on why I really love this city can be more clearly etched. And for that, I will never stop looking, exploring, and loving this amazing place where I grew up. 



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