The attractive thing about not doing anything in this world is that you don’t have to face any consequence of your actions. 

But then, you are never not doing anything. There are consequences. Always.

It is okay if those consequences only affect you. You can cry in silence or crib in public. Your call.

But when a decision you make hurts someone else you can do neither. Worst is when you care so deeply about that person that you jaw hurts when you make that decision. (Try not breathing and crying and talking at the same time. Maybe it’ll explain the jaw.)

But I am a firm believer. I believe that whatever happens happens for the good. Maybe not the collective good but definitely for the individual.

Like promises are meant to be broken, belief and faith are meant to shake and sometimes be lost.

When that happens you shed a tear and write a blog.

            Life, in the meanwhile, marches on.


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