Before I begin an unrelated fact:- I’ve made peace with the fact that my blog is never going to be on the Freshly Pressed Blogs. I make my blog as difficult to understand as possible because it is actually some event which triggers the thought but mostly the event is too personal to share. So, many people might not relate to it. I am OK with that but there is still a tiny hope that a miracle happens and it becomes popular. But then there is nothing really different about a 20 year old writing about..well, things. 

Food which is absolutely delicious and still very healthy is very rare. That is why we love it when we are told that Chocolate can actually be good for us. Of course while munching that sugar laden Diary Milk we forget that they were talking about the pure bitter chocolate which very few actually like.

It is indeed a cruel trick on humanity that all the things which we find enjoyable are not that good for us.

It is a hard, hard life. What is it in us that causes us to break relationships we cherish, leave people we love and walk away from their lives, allow egos to come between friendships or acquaintances we value?

We know we hurting ourselves in the process but still at that moment we are not thinking about the consequences. And if we do end up thinking about consequences all the time then do we end up missing  all the fun in life?

I think I’ve said this before but I am still really confused between the two lines of thought propagated- Live for today or that save for tomorrow.

All these are obviously weaknesses which are sought to be eliminated if you want to reach the top. But it is difficult. Very. That is why whenever we think of the top we think of a pyramid. Not everyone reaches there.

The rest of us have to self-destruct to give space for the strong to climb up and reach the solitary pinnacle. 


One thought on “Self-Destruct

  1. Told you we had telepathy!!! I somehow knew to check your blog today 🙂 🙂 LOVE ❤ it.

    Since I know "almost all" (you'll never let it be "all") of your personal experiences, I understand, at the very least. If thats of any consolation.

    Never really knew you wanted it to be popular BTW.

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