I was very happy when I realized that I was not addicted to Tea. There were days when I didn’t feel like having tea at all.

It made me happy because then my head was under my control. I didn’t something else to freshen me up. Bright sunlight (good sleep usually) does it for me.

Addiction starts from wanting to escape. That’s what I believe. When we are happy with what we are we don’t need some thing external to ourselves to make us happy.

I realized that when I just sat down and thought that I like myself. With all my faults, fears, inadequacies, etc (read the rest of the my blog for what I think are my other shortcomings) I still like myself. And am grateful to myself for giving me the capacity of that joy.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have issues with me anymore or that there is nothing in the world which makes me happy or sad or I don’t feel like getting an alcoholic high.

It’s just that these things don’t hurt beyond a point. There is that point which I know exists in me which makes me appreciate the world and its beauty and the opportunities of joy it offers.

Not wanting to be charged with theft of ideas I credit the above statement of “not hurting beyond a point” to Fountainhead. Where Roark says that not having Dominique in his life will hurt him immensely but not beyond that point. I love Roark (please don’t confuse Roark with his creator- not a fan of Ayn Rand)

I don’t know why in this world addiction to material substances is looked down upon while addiction to something which makes you “clingy” is not considered to be as serious an issue. I hate it that someone else’s grief/dejection/disappointment makes me thankful that  I am not one to be grieved by such things.

Having just one love in your life is good. But the fact that you can live without that love of your life also is what makes you attractive.

P.S.:- Sorry to be so self-eulogizing but I think it makes a welcome change from the usual self deprecation.



One thought on “Addiction

  1. No one explains things as well as you do or even as truthfully as you do. One of the reasons why I’ll always love you 🙂

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