My first post with the thought that someone might read it

A friend once told me that the problem with me was that I never let myself be. That is why different people knew me as a different person.

And the clichéd and overstated “thing” (if any of my college classmates will read this they should at least smile at this) applied to me that you had to meet me to really know me and then I would be different from what you would expect of me. I think that this is just euphemism for saying that I don’t have much personality.

I mean why the hell shouldn’t a person come across as someone who he or she really is. Otherwise it has to be hypocrisy by the common meaning of the term.

Actually I was thinking of something before I was about to write and then suddenly this thought sprang into my head. There must have been some connection with my original thought but I think I must have forgotten it in the loo only. (You just need a moment, even if it is in the loo, to be enlightened you see).

So, the point I was going to write about is the idea which I got from reading Ayn Rand. One may disagree with her on numerous counts but you have to give it to the lady when she says that one is defined by the work one does. And how he does it.

I mean you really have to love what you do to do it well and then it will not be a burden on you. Each person will have to look into his core and find out what is it that actually interests him genuinely.

But then, I wonder, what will happen to the person who feels that he does not want to do anything? I definitely know a person like this, and I am sure that everyone would know even more than one. And what about the people who want to do everything?

Well, I guess this is an answer which each individual has to find on his own. The problem is that one is not exposed to so many things to as to make a choice effectively. More often than not an individual is just able to figure out that he does NOT want to do what he is doing but he is as clueless about what he actually wants to do. Everyone is not lucky enough to “want” to do the conventional things. I guess the person who has a burning desire to become an engineer is the luckiest person in the world or at least in India (disregarding the state of colleges in India, but that is a subject for a more serious blog or a newspaper).

Well, here I am. Sitting in a law college which is considered to be a good one by the people outside. And I am wondering why is it that I had to write what I wrote in my last post.  And I am puzzling over at the question what is that makes the few Mr. Xs and Ms. Ys tick and where is that I am lacking.

The thought that I do not love what I do scares me. Like Hell.

I hope I am just lazy.






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