There’s a nail in my keyboard

Thank God I wasn’t in VT when those crackpots decided to just kill everyone in sight.

I am lucky I guess. But it was horrible seeing those who were not as lucky as I was.

In Riot by Shashi Tharoor one of the characters says that dying isn’t just bad luck- actually when you died you were supposed to be there- (I think that is what he said- sorry don’t remember the exact lines)

Doesn’t this mean that actually a lot of life is just pure chance- that you were born to certain parents, in a certain place, at a certain time and same thing for your parents also- this means that what we get in life is also an obvious consequence of these chances – ergo, another set of probabilities

But the thing is- if not for you someone else would have been there- if it was not Prince Charles who is Prince Charles right now- there would have been someone else who would have been the Queen’s son- after all she has to have a son (not necessarily- but you what I mean)

In fifth standard- I had to say a quote in the morning assembly – I remember the quote but don’t want to write it down it meant that the weak fall prey to the situations around them but the wise use the same to their advantage– But as our favourite professor says we will have to problematize it- who is weak, why is he/she weak, who is weak in one situation may not be weak in another, and so on.

This reminds me of the Quote Unquote section in Reader’s Digest (which in my opinion has been going steadily downhill but still has traces of awesomeness sometimes)

Yeah, well I just wrote this to distract myself of very disturbing questions along the lines of “why me” and also “why not me” and also is so unfair, things are so embarrassing, why I am even here..and blah..(you get the picture, right? if no then it is mostly whiny)

But things will go on- public memory is short (thank god) and I will get more chances- in which even if I don’t get what I want at least I will come to terms with what I am and how much I can get- even if not as brilliant and stud like as I want to be, at least I will be happy with me- and that is all that is required anyway.

If I keep this thought with me then I won’t have to ask the question after the preceding sentence- “isn’t it?”

Yours truly


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