We don’t realize what we lose when the clock keeps on ticking away. Time is running. Maybe the explanation for this is that we don’t undergo any particular change for a particular period of time. Only when the year itself is about to end, or when we look at the calendar that we realize that we have moved a lot; and only when we are faced with certain situations which test what we have learnt in the past that we realize that we have actually learnt it..

That is the beauty but with that particular sadness of time. We don’t know what is happening to us at that moment.

There are many instances which I remember in isolation, separated from the context and they just sometimes flash through my mind. While that moment was actually happening I couldn’t have figured that this moment will be important to me later in life.

And, in contrast, there are so many things to which I gave undue importance, undue attention, and later I don’t even care to think about them. They have left me unaffected. Or maybe, I’ve taken the lesson but forgotten the moment.

But in the end, what makes me happy and content is that, whether I gave them importance or not there these happy innocent memories which will always remain with me. No matter what I did. And their innocence is increased by the fact that when I was living it; it wasn’t corrupted by any use I may put to it in the future. Then I was living in the moment. Maybe it is this fact that makes me so happy.



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