i want an oracle.

sometimes you dont want to see the future. but sometimes when you want to make sure that what you are doing in the present is right then, at least i become impatient. i want this to continue. till forever.

but then maybe, no. maybe my wanting is so strong that i’ll learn to keep what i have. yeah, that’s the better option and more realistic too i guess!!!

you must have realized that am pretty pleased right now. with a few small things here and there life will be perfect. but who wants perfection!

Perfection is really overrated.

there is no one ideal type for it. its just what is best for that particular moment.

i just hope my failings and shortcomings do not spoil my forever dream.

even if they do… the dream will live on…


One thought on “titanic

  1. i dont know what ur referring to!!

    but ur failings n shortcomings will just make it more beautiful i guess

    A great thinker/person once said, ‘who wants perfection!Perfection is really overrated.’

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