all life goes towards randomness

Sometimes the mind is just blank.

Or worse than that filled with fluff.

I don’t why I had to get into a place from where I’ll either have long lasting happiness or another story to tell to my friends. This sort of permanency bothers me. I’m not at all for it. I’d rather have just fun and then forget about it. But this is just another evidence for the theory that you get exactly what you don’t want.

A watched pot never boils. As soon as you get in the bathroom the phone goes triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

I guess this is just one of life’s quirks which we have to bear.

I wasn’t a very good student in school (even now in college actually) but I sort of remember studying in Chemistry that all particles always try to achieve randomness in their structure.

I think this is true for people also. How much ever people try to bring order and discipline in their life, their plans go awry and they are more often than not left in a mess which they ultimately realize that they’ve created for themselves. This is called unnecessary complication.

I strictly try not to repeat the rest of the world’s mistake and do not listen to my parent’s advice of disciplining myself. And to my consternation I find that I rather like the predictability of an ordered life when everyday resembles the previous one. It makes the special days stand out more.

This is just one in the long series of posts already written and yet to come when everything I do doesn’t add anything to my life. Zilch.

I guess I should be pleased when I’m not writing anything.


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