Of ends and lies.

The scientists say that the world is about to end. Global warming and all.

I, too, say that. Because very soon the world will be full of people who are going to make sure that the people who still survive almost want it to end, spare themselves the misery..

But Samwise Gamjee says that even if you don’t survive the fight, there is something good still left in the world worth fighting for.

The greatness of man can be seen best when he is fighting for what he believes…The fact that there is a war is the proof to the weakness of the other lesser men. And where man fails  is that he  doesn’t  realize that if he doesn’t do something now then his end will come fighting those who got there first because he didn’t stop them.

There is this really cheesy line..I don’t really know its origins but I link them to sms and email forwards.

It says that if it isn’t a happy ending then it’s not the ending at all.

So, maybe, when the world ends it will not be the actual end at all.

 Or, maybe, that line is not true at all.


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