If you think you can understand, read on..

There’s always a choice a between company and solitude. And what you choose depends on your mood. Does it?

No, I think it depends on whether the person you want to be with is in the mood of your company or not.

Once I took an auto from Tirmulgherry to my dad’s place. The autowallah after reaching asked for extra money saying that he had brought me safely. At that time I just refused and walked on. Later I thought, what the hell, that’s his job to bring his passenger safely. And for that he asks me extra money. And the worst part that it didn’t even strike me to say that Dude, that’s your job. Weird world.

I think I find weird ways to circumvent around the decisions I do not want to make. Between doing what I want to do when that is not what I should be doing. And after that I realize that I never would’ve done that anyway. But what happens when I don’t know that I should not be doing  a particular thing?

Thank God I don’t have the habit of feeling anything beyond a point. Or that would’ve been my eternal state of mind.

I like dancing. All by myself. Because I dance very badly. Singing too.

Ok, I think I’ve been random enough for one post. Now I shall reserve that for some other day!

I’ve lost it no?


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