If you think you can understand, read on..

There’s always a choice a between company and solitude. And what you choose depends on your mood. Does it?

No, I think it depends on whether the person you want to be with is in the mood of your company or not.

Once I took an auto from Tirmulgherry to my dad’s place. The autowallah after reaching asked for extra money saying that he had brought me safely. At that time I just refused and walked on. Later I thought, what the hell, that’s his job to bring his passenger safely. And for that he asks me extra money. And the worst part that it didn’t even strike me to say that Dude, that’s your job. Weird world.

I think I find weird ways to circumvent around the decisions I do not want to make. Between doing what I want to do when that is not what I should be doing. And after that I realize that I never would’ve done that anyway. But what happens when I don’t know that I should not be doing  a particular thing?

Thank God I don’t have the habit of feeling anything beyond a point. Or that would’ve been my eternal state of mind.

I like dancing. All by myself. Because I dance very badly. Singing too.

Ok, I think I’ve been random enough for one post. Now I shall reserve that for some other day!

I’ve lost it no?


When you pay to get pissed!

I’m one very big kanjoos. I hate spending money out of my own pocket. My dad’s is fine though.

But sometimes when I do spend money and don’t get good enough returns, my mind immediately starts thinking of the oppurtunity cost!

This especially happens when I see, well, to put it succintly, useless movies. Actually I’m not exactly a go to PVR and watch movies type person either..but sometimes you do things…and then wonder why you did it..

It happened today..with Percy Jackson and something something…they didn’t even manage to make Zeus look good.. 

The other time I saw Bride Wars with my friends..thankfully I hadn’t paid..but still I spent time..but the sudden, sponataneous and simulataneous laughter all of us burst into after the movie finished was worth it!!

I sometimes wonder how these people who make such silly stuff feel while they are doing it…I’m imagining Salman Khan in            Jaan-e-man, SRK while playing the violin in Mohabbatein, Uday Chopra in all his movies!!

And the best, Mihir Viraani when he came back from the dead!!! Though that act has been repeated by countless actors in different shows ever so many times but the first is the most memorable..always!

It’s not like i havn’t done silly things..actually for a person as tactless as me, the list is endless and still growing!

Take my last post for instance..and shit, that was the time when people started reading my blog..they must’ve stopped right there! But you know I still kind of like it…

Ok, now I know how SK, SRK and UC feel!!!

And shit I forgot KRK!!!!

He’s brave though, to throw yourself at the world to laugh at…that’s something.

When Federer cried..

Sometimes you give it all..your heart, soul, your thoughts, everything. You don’t even know whether you want it or not. But you know that you have to achieve something with it. That something is obviously beating your fears, laziness and exploring that which you have never done and never thought that you could possibly do.

In my case, what I wanted was something whcih comes naturally to many people in Law School. Doing just about decently. I just had to overcome that something in me which always holds me back from doing something that I really really want to do. Yes, something always holds me back.

But not this time, my friend was the support, or lets say the inspiration and worth emulating.

But still it wasn’t good enough. I really really know how failure looks like. This is the real failure. Not doing anything and failing is the obvious consequence. Not this. This fear of failure is what always holds me back. It is hard. Because it is now that you feel inadequate. Knowing that you couldn’t have done any better and that still you can’t make the cut.

As I said, it is a new feeling for me. Not that I’ve never failed before but I’ve never worked hard before. But thankfully, amid all the disappointment, my sanity and my rational side are fighting back (actually I just discovered they were there!).

It’s just hope that’s going to keep you alive. Hope that Nadal doesn’t face you in any other Grand Slam final.

Hope that even if Nadal is there, you can still be No. 1. That is what holds me now. If later, I fail again then I’m going to come back and say “it doesn’t really matter”.

Nothing ever does.