nike: “just do it”. reebok: “why do it”.

I find the word ‘existential’ very useful. Because it most aptly describes the kind of question I keep asking myself.

And the most abused question is of course “what the hell am I doing here” with some minor changes in the swear word used.

But seriously, Hindi film songs have left me totally confused (I still need some time to understand the lyrics of the English ones).

Some say, kal ho na ho, some say, jo bhi ho kal phir aayega. Some preach that all issss well.

Well then let me say that all is not well. Definitely not.

I got tolerable enough food, intolerable classes which I sat through, then slept, had a walk, chat with my friends, read good books, played with the kitten now am online.

But all the time, I wasn’t doing what I should’ve been doing. This is the problem with everyone. We have made such horrible choices in life that we are all stuck  doing what we don’t feel like doing.

So we all just end up being miserable.

And then we write blogs.

P.S. If you are really happy and offended with the ‘we’  then please think that we have some language problem and have got confused between I and we. Thank You.


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