what say you?

Had two good days..actually three..for no reason at all! I played, I participated in PDs ( I sucked but still had fun) and then participated in this random quiz (saw, more like! was sitting mute mostly or saying ‘what is THIS’).

I know that they are pretty small things but they gave me a reason not to brood about my life and wonderful and absolutely valid excuses not to do my project!

We’ve 4 subjects this semester, thanks  to the six we did in the previous one. And within the first 3 weeks we’ve been foisted with absolutely random topics on which we have to research. This we are doing by reading all the prescribed textbooks and typing them out. We’ve not even started with the subject,do not know what we are reading and have absolutely no interest too. Maybe this is a poor excuse for being too lazy. But the alternative is so much better. At least some people will do it the right way.

Our teacher told us that how when a person commits suicide because of some wrong he had to face then in the end it is only that person who died. Nobody else lost a life.

But projects man! No!

Apparently there is no connection between any of my posts and even within my posts.

But actually there is. They are mine. Unlike the project topics.


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