Demented- totally

Ha! This is one time when I’m writing with a completely blank mind and at this rate my projects are going to be completely blank too..Or maybe I’ll just plaigiarise!! (ok, no I won’t)

My sister’s just written how you really don’t need to be all drunk to feel drunk but hey unless you know how getting sloshed actually feels like you can’t compare it with anything,right?

All I’ve just heard is how it makes you go high. And I seriously think that it is a totally inadequate description of what happens to you when you get drunk. Because I too at odd times (though not recently) have felt an emotion which I describe as being “high”, I too have behaved in such a way that my friends would have asked me “are you drunk” if they’d not known otherwise.

Then what is it? I just don’t understand. Ok, before you start thinking that I’m one of the moral brigade than hold on. I’m just plain ignorant. And yes “thirsty” for knowledge (wink, wink).

I think I should make a resoltion that from now onwards I’ll not make any plans for the next day, for the next week or the next month. I’m just going to do what my mind tells me to do. Though you may think that it is a sure shot way of getting screwed than I’m just going to say ‘patience people, lets talk after I’ve already screwed my life’ and you know you should not complain. I’m giving you a chance to say ‘I told you so’!!

And well for those of who do sometimes by mistake land up on this blog and make fun of me and wonder that why in the hell does this mad mad female address everything to a ‘you’ then ma’am/sir it is actually you I’m talking to!!

That’s the good thing about English. The translation for the Hindi ‘tu’ and ‘aap’ is the same…You!

Ok, this is one post that I’m definitely going to be embarassed about in the future but keeping in mind my just made resolution I’ll let it stay..

I was just wondering whether I should add a new category for all the posts which are made when I’m feeling so demented like this but then I answered myself..It’s totally me..I’m just extra aware of it at this moment.

And by the way my friend just commented that I write well and this post will hopefully clear all her misconceptions.



3 thoughts on “Demented- totally

  1. Being really drunk doesn’t make you feel like a loser. That happens the next morning. So yeah it’s a little different.

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