Is it just me??

This happens ‘maybe’ only in India.

Passport is a very important document. It’s the best proof of your existence. It makes getting a driving licence very easy but of course the passport also requires a driving licence….  Vicious circle, really!

Go to submit your application only if you have more than one day with you..with a cool mood. The most important thing you require while getting a passport is lots of patience.

After all you have to deal with irate people who are sick of waiting and totally confused about what all documents they require, with irate officers who have to deal with irate people and answer the same question many times a day and hear the same thing over and over again and answer the same question over and over again.

Yes sir, yes ma’am. This document is not there, yes ma’am they are not in the instructions, yes sir, our government is very corrupt..common people have lots of difficulties..

But this of course is a minority tradition..the majority just say “blah blah blah…NEXT….arre kitni baar puchenge???…NEXT”

I will give you free advice.

Come early, people would still be there but chances of your getting a seat increases, carry water and try not to drink it so much, otherwise you’ll need to go to the loo..And government offices’ loos..I best not describe them, carry a book or your mp3 if you don’t like staring at people..Though that can be pretty interesting also..And please try not to laugh when someone says “I’ve been waiting for the whole morning in this damn place”..Yes, yes I know you’ve been waiting for more than 2 days..

You know what will be the worst thing that I can hear right now??

“I got my passport very easily yaar..what are you talking about??”

Maybe it’s just my luck.

But I’ve spent 3 days at the Delhi RPO, 3 at Ghaziabad’s and just now 1 at the Hyderabad one.

Ok, if you are thinking that I’m extra dumb then wait.

It’s just that each day I’ve had extremely imaginative problems to face and have had no solution for them..

Fault lies with nobody and everybody.

You can’t just blame one person for the lengthy and idiotic procedures and it’s everybody’s fault that everyone bears with these problems. After all they are going to end and then we can fly away to some golden land to earn in dollars and dinars. Easily forgotten days these…

Though not for me. At least not right now. I’m going to have lose attendance. Yes I’m some sort of wannabe nerd.

But I’m sick and tired of it totally..I’m not going to be happy even when I see the blue book. After all the worst passport size photo of mine has been stuck there!!!

Patience people..It’s just the beginning..


One thought on “Is it just me??

  1. i understand ur plight and troubles u bravely face in life, i want to sympathize with u on how is it to have friends like that who sing that pathetic nursry rhyme especially an unco-operating and unconcerned roomy trying to boss around u, tries to act rude even when she knows that i do not fell pestered, irritating govt. officials, sickening acad. schedule at nalsar but life still continues even after all that, so try like me to stay cool and calm even if u know u r surrounded with trouble.wish u good luck in life

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