Just got surprised (was debating between surprised and shocked actually). There’s so much more to a person other than what is apparent at first. Have made this mistake of badly judging people so many times.. You really need to be a part of the crowd to understand what’s happening.

Anyway, coming to a more not-confused line of thought..Am finally going outside Hyderabad after 3 months though for less than 4 weeks..have to come back and face the next semester! And the images of this place I’ll carry in mind will of the shutters closed down, our getting really close to stopping in the middle of the road due to an empty fuel tank while a petrol station is closed right in front of us. I do not claim to know what ‘really’ is happening here. Whether the leaders at the helm of  this Telangana movement are really sincere (though in my mind they are not, being the cynic I am), and why exactly do they even want a separate state. Am woefully ignorant. And the worst part is that I don’t even know the views of any person about this issue.

I hated Hyderabad when we used to come here to visit our relatives and thankfully the visits stopped and the memories almost died. When I next came here, it was a revelation of sorts. This time I came here on my own accord, my own wish. To  join NALSAR. And not surprisingly I like the city more than the college itself. In short it is the only city other than Delhi I’m going to live in with any degree of permanence. And the fact that I don’t know anything about what’s wrong here just makes me aware of how ignorant I am about things happening in the world outside my own. I am just living in this small bubble of mine where there are no issues other than my problems. Well the bubble burst..and I now know that why they say ignorance is bliss.

I hate the young man who stands till late in the night with his small stall selling curries in his ‘CURRY POINT- pure veg.’

I hate the man in the tailor shop who earns Rs. 50 a day for back-breaking work without any respite.

I hate the countless other men and women in this world who are struggling everyday- for what may I ask?

And most of all I hate myself who would have had the same fate but luckily was born to parents who could give her a good life. But the scariest part is that I am not sure whether I’ll be able to do even as much as the people I hate do. I hate their guts. It reminds me of my own fears.


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