autowali can’t say no!

Have not thought of anything particular to write about.  Spent  a whole Sunday being polite. Just couldn’t say no specially since the person was going finally but it was still a boring day.

Why is it that if you are not on particularly friendly terms you have to be politically correct and have to really think how you will phrase your ‘no’. A few days back I wasn’t feeling upto thinking so hard on a person whom I didn’t even know and was asking for monay from the whole of Hyderabad because he and his mates were disabled and couldn’t find a job. Usually I’ll be really cold hearted and say ‘sorry not interested’ (as if they were interested whether we were interested or not!) or will make some excuse “sorry parents not at home, don’t know where the cash is and am low on dough myself (could you share???) which is sometimes true.

But this time was in a weird frame of mind and just paid up for a cause I don’t believe in and with money that wasn’t mine and for people I don’t give a damn about. Just couldn’t say ‘no’…

And today when I’m all excited about going out of the city after so long and seeing my mom and sisters and feeling bad because papa isn’t coming with me right now, and would rather be packing am stuck reading long and boring judgements and getting really frustrated. And all because I don’t know how to say ‘no’.

But you know what? If my mom and sisters read this they are going to say ‘oh my god, how this girl lies!! ‘ You know they actually call me the ‘autowali’ (referring to the autowallahs of Delhi who say no and just don’t go to the place where you want to go and especially when you are in a hurry to get saved from mummy’s wrath).

Well my dears now you know, if you want me to pay up, or do your work or accompany you somewhere painfully boring just don’t get all paly paly with me if you are lucky enough not to be in my family!!


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