The 90s kids!

I wasn’t there when Rajiv Gandhi died, I didn’t even hear the news..I wasn’t born yet you see. I didn’t understand what was happening to our economy when finally I did enter this world..I was too young. When I started understanding stuff other than Shaktimaan, TV and the net were already there..a given. I don’t remember a time when McDonalds’ was not there (though I got to eat there after years of just passing by it). And seriously 100 bucks doesn’t seem a lot to me (well now after coming to college and wanting to eat out daily, it does).

What I’m trying to say is that my generation we take everything for granted because it was already there..We don’t know of the time when only a selected few had TV,computer and a car. It’s weird because I’m so totally dependent on these things for preserving my sanity when no one is at home or when I’m away at college. Cell phones have become a necessity..I do not say that it is a bad thing but my mom and dad both spoke a lot about how it was when they were kids and it seems like they used to live in the middle ages and not in the same cities as we do now…I don’t know why but I feel that knowing how it was IS important. And many parents forget to tell their kids this..Not knowing the value of stuff which you have got without any merit on your part is really something we should think about. And also knowing how to live without these things..and don’t know why Maggi comes to my mind.After a gap of many months I felt like eating it again..but it really surprises me how my classmates crave for Maggi in the hostel.Our tuck shop among the chocolates and biscuits keeps Maggi specially.Kids bring kettles and pans and even a cooker just for making Maggi. In school we’d gone to Dalhousie for a short trip of just 4 days. Even there there were kids who got Maggi and paid the hotel cook to make it for them. And the worst in Mocha in Delhi you get Maggi for 90 bucks. No, that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that my friend and I paid it!


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