a new project

This is not the first time I’m blogging. Have tried earlier and discarded when I realized I couldn’ t write as freely as when I used to write a personal diary. But then I did want to write one. So came back to it!

Firstly, I think I should explain the blog name. It is not about tea..The name is just inspired by the Taaza tea ad which shows women (why not men) drinking tea and realizing their ‘hunar’ in something. Well I don’t have any great ‘hunar’ as such. It’s just the thinking with the tea part which I like. And yeah, I couldn’t really think of another one..at one point I was about to name my blog “sorry, this blog already exists”….So much for my ‘imagination’!!   Plus I’m in love with tea..have to have at least one cup a day to survive..and two to survive happily!

And you know tea drinking brings a very idyllic picture in my mind..A little cottage with snow all around and then drinking tea on the porch and warming your hands with the hot cup! That must be nice!

And now since what I’m thinking is too senseless to write down, even in a personal diary which no one should ‘ideally’ read..So will say “ciao”.


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